Volunteer for Los Niños de Mojandita

Volunteer for Los Niños de Mojandita


Our childrens’ projects typically run for 4-5 days from 8am till 12:30 pm.  Mojandita students range from grades pre K- 4th grade. Beginning in 2019, we are planning to work in the middle school as well with grades 5 through 7.

We are looking for:

  • Experienced elementary and middle school teachers who have:
    • Training in Art, Music, Dance and Theater
    • A working knowledge of or fluency in Spanish
    • Willingness to travel over the February (presidents’ day) school break
    • Ability to work in challenging classroom settings (limited resources)
    • A love of children and a willingness and flexibility to collaborate with other teachers
  • Graphic artists who can transpose children’s artwork onto saleable mediums (i.e. tee shirts, sneakers, hats, mugs, etc.) for fundraising purposes.

Supplies or donations we need:

  • Financial contributions for volunteer teachers’ accommodations and supplies
  • Art supplies of all kinds (glue, paint, clay, colored paper, etc.)
  • Musical instruments (flutes, recorders, hand drums, bells, claves, etc.)
  • Spanish songbooks or Spanish art books
  • Laptop computers in good condition (not necessarily newest models)
  • Disposable cameras or old digital cameras

Volunteer for Los Niños de Mojandita

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