Los Niños de Mojandita - an Overview

Los Niños de Mojandita is an educational project concentrating on creative arts and music for indigenous children grades K-5. The project is staffed by volunteer teachers and assistants and is supported by donations of school supplies, books, musical instruments and art supplies from private individuals, schools and corporations.

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The first educational project occurred in February 2017, with 2 art teachers providing 4 consecutive days of art instruction for 120 children grades K thru 5th.

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2017-2018 Update:

Dec 19, Dec 20th: 2 first time preschool classrooms within the Ubidia School will be furnished with preschool materials, equipment and supplies. Teachers will also be taught some of the preschool educational skills for ongoing classroom management and instruction while we are physically setting up the classrooms for optimal success.

Feb 19th – 23rd: 2 US art teachers will provide 5 days of art instruction for children, grades K-5th and 4 days of additional instruction solely for teachers. The final day will enable teachers to teach the art classes with support.

Large school wide distribution of art materials for all the classrooms prior to departure.

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