Los Niños de Mojandita

Los Niños de Mojandita


Los Niños de Mojandita is an educational project concentrating on creative arts and music for indigenous children grades K-5.  The project is staffed by volunteer teachers and assistants and is supported by donations of school supplies, books, musical instruments and art supplies from  private individuals, schools and corporations.

children worked with so far
The first educational project occurred in February 2017, with two art teachers providing four consecutive days of art instruction for children grades K-5. The February 2018 art project was a great success and February 2019 projects will be announced soon.


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Notes From the Los Niños Front

We are pleased to announce that we are heading to Ecuador on Dec 18th to provide 2 full classrooms worth of preschool supplies and equipment to set up the new 3 and 4 year old classrooms at the Ubidia School.

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