Dogs of Otavalo - an Overview

Dogs of Otavalo is an animal welfare project providing spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, parasite control and medical care at no cost to owners of dogs and cats from indigenous communities as well as street dogs.  The project is staffed entirely by volunteers and is supported by donations of supplies and monetary contributions from a variety of sources, private and corporate.

Dogs treated in our first campaign

The first campaign was successfully completed in April 2017 with over 300 animals treated in six days.

The second campaign is scheduled for January 10th through 16th, 2018 and plans are under way.

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Story of “Mija”

During the first Dogs of Otavalo project, along with the spay/neuter dogs, volunteers also brought in an injured dog with a forelimb degloving injury that appeared to be days old. The dog was clearly withdrawn and in pain. Azi, and the team of veterinary volunteers committed to helping this small, fluffy female dog. Plans were made to transfer her to the nearest veterinary hospital in Cotacachi. She was given pain medication, wrapped in a fleece blanket and driven to the clinic where she would receive the care she needed. The injury required an amputation but despite losing a limb, she gained a family. Arrangements were made to fly “Mija” back to the USA to live forever with Azi.

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