There is great excitement in our little Otavalo school who just reached out to us with an urgent request. Apparently they have been ordered by the government to begin a preschool for the first time with 50 children, ages 3 to 5 and only 2 teachers. Unfortunately, they have no experience teaching children this young and have not been given 1 thing to start the classrooms with. They do not expect to receive anything throughout the school year. So, we are asking everyone to contribute what they can so that we can furnish these classrooms with books, art materials, puzzles, building blocks, dolls. instruments and vehicles which we will take in December.

If you have connections to school supply companies or art supply companies,  please contact me to assist with procuring supplies for the new pre-school children as well as the K-5 elementary kids . Any assistance will go a long way.

Thank you for all of your help with this project.

Much warmth,



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